32 Pets. 6 Weeks. One Winner_ Orion’s Pet Insanity Bracket Outcomes


And… now we have a winner. Snoopy takes the roses.

Once we began this wild experience, I truthfully had no inkling who would possibly win. However when Snoopy handily defeated the lazy, carb-loving Garfield after which narrowly nudged out broomstick-balancing Jiji, I started to suspect he might go the gap. Nonetheless, I discover it attention-grabbing that this daydreaming yard beagle beat out three verified heroes – Miyazaki’s purple elk Yakul, Tolkien’s large wolfhound Huan, and Harry’s beloved owl Hedwig – two of whom, by the way, died defending their human pal. And but voters went with the basis beer sipping anthropomorphic canine. As a literary crowd, did we respect his dedication to studying the whole lot of Struggle and Peace? Did we relate to his battle to write down the nice American novel? The dance strikes? Or maybe it’s the multigenerational bonding we worth. Who else can reliably go away you, your mother and father, your grandparents, and possibly even your personal youngsters crying into their bittersweet scorching cocoa each vacation season when A Charlie Brown Christmas rolls round on tv?

Of Snoopy, Charles M. Schulz as soon as mirrored, “He can win or lose, be a catastrophe, a hero, or something, and but all of it works out.” Maybe we see ourselves in Snoopy. We’re not on the market wrestling werewolves or combating loss of life eaters. We’re simply making an attempt to do our greatest, eat some good meals, present up for mates, and hope all of it works out.

Or possibly all of us simply actually love canines.

Brush Up on Previous Rounds

The Finals


Will or not it’s Snoopy, the multi-generational canine king of comedian strips? He of the bulbous nostril and realizing gaze. Snoopy is an imaginative beagle, a annoyed author, skilled napper, and a bittersweet thinker. Beneficiant with the smooches, this man’s gratitude for dinner and ubiquitous blissful dance swells the human coronary heart. Or will or not it’s Hedwig, the magical snowy owl, resplendent in white feathers? She of the piercing yellow eyes and unfathomable potential to search out anybody, anyplace. Clever and proud, at all times able to bestow a reproachful look or affectionate nip on the boy she died defending. Neither snow, nor rain, nor warmth, nor gloom might preserve her from her goal.




Representing the unique eight canines and cats, smooch-happy Snoopy is the final pet standing, recent off his victory over Center-Earth’s favourite pony-sized good boy, Huan. He’s up in opposition to the singular and dependable Yakul, our finalist from the hooved animal class who beat out Wilbur, Artax, and Babe to succeed in the finals.



What does it say concerning the Orion neighborhood that the least villainous of villains remains to be with us? Max, the Grinch’s reluctant sidekick survived a sarcastic parrot, a conniving feline, and a literal monster, solely to face probably the most iconic birds in literature – the Hedwig of Harry Potter fame. Direwolf Ghost nearly made it. Someplace on the market, Jon Snow is wanting north, with a stoic tear in his eye.


Cats & Canine

Jiji Mendacity Cat Garfield Snoopy Huan Lassie Balto Barkley

Jiji Useful, supportive, sometimes saucy. Often speaks. Can steadiness on a flying broomstick. Dislikes chaos. Snoopy Loving companion, although not above heckling anybody. Extraordinarily lively creativeness. By no means says no to a giant moist smooch. Huan Pronounced hoo-wan. The sort of man who will enter a struggle of assured mutual destruction with the largest (had been)wolf on the town to help your noble quest. Balto Verifiably heroic. You recognize you’re an excellent boy once they offer you a statute in Central Park.

Snoopy VS Huan

Winner of this race: SNOOPY

Hooved Animals

Wilbur Babe Shaun Flicka Yakul Babe Black Stallion Artax

Wilbur A pleasant sufficient fellow, however let’s be trustworthy, Charlotte was actually the terrific, humble, and radiant one. Shaun Intelligent trickster and anarchist chief trying to make barnyard life extra entertaining for all. Chaotic good. Messy. Yakul Quick, courageous, and exceedingly loyal. Will assist slay demons and experience into hazard with out hesitation. Horns to envy. Artax Able to traumatizing a era and eliciting a tragic swamp’s price of tears.

Wilbur VS Yakul

Winner of this race: YAKUL


Azrael Max Cujo The Rancor Iago Diablo Brutus/

Nero Flotsam/


Max Reluctant villain. Encourages his boss to do the proper factor. Seems good in antler. The Rancor Jabba’s biggest leisure. Even higher at homicide. Iago Wisecracking shoulder-percher. Sounds quite a bit like Gilbert Gottfried. Appreciates dramatic aptitude. The Eels Flotsam & Jetsam Glossy, sinister lackeys for a sassy sea witch. Spying? Sabotage? Sarcasm? They get the job accomplished.

Max VS Iago

Winner of this race: MAX


Hedwig Frightful Mijbil Rascal Twig Ghost Okja Ball of Lint

Hedwig Will carry your mail, and defend you in a struggle. Embraces all gender identities. Usually beautiful. Mijbil Banishes disappointment by means of the sheer delight of simply ottering round. Ghost Loyal. Majestic. Ferocious. Will tear your ass up when you mess along with his human. A survivor. Okja Empathetic GMO “tremendous pig” (giving mega hippo vibes). Too cute to eat.

Hedwig VS Ghost

Winner of this race: HEDWIG